Texas AKC Puppies has been serving Texas and throughout the USA with the most loving Golden Retrievers for over twelve years.

Now with great excitement and tremendous passion, Texas AKC Puppies is proud to announce we have added Labrador Retrievers to the mix. 

As a Gold Status Breeder with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and our passion for puppies, our customers can only expect the same great care and stellar service when picking the most perfect Labrador Retriever from us as well. Check out our social media to see testimonials from all our great customers.   

Labrador Retrievers are famously friendly, reliable, trustworthy and they have a strong sense of loyalty which makes them not only incredible family pets but a huge asset to the US Military as well. 

As a way for us to give back to our soldiers, we will be donating a few lab puppies from every litter to soldiers and veterans in need of an emotional support animal. If you have served in the US military or know a soldier in need of an emotional support puppy, feel free to reach out to us.